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Photography and the Law

We know how valuable your artwork is to you. Unlawful use of a photographer or artist's work is very common, and has become easier than ever to reproduce or republish. Having the proper contractual or licensing agreements can be immensely beneficial to protecting your work. Speak with our firm's attorney to discuss how we can assist in preserving your creations.

Our firm can help you with the following photography-related legal issues, including:

  • Create, review, and mediate licensing agreements
  • Resolve privacy and publicity disputes
  • Copyright infringements

Discuss Your Rights with Our Clifton Trademark Attorney

As a photographer, it is vital that you understand your rights and how photography laws protect and affect your work.

Examples of a photographer's rights include:

  • You have the right to photograph anything you want within a public place. This includes places that are privately owned, but are open to the public, such as shopping malls.
  • Some government buildings will ban photography as a threat to national security, and they have the legal right to do this.
  • People can be photographed without expressed consent in public places, unless they have a reason to expect privacy or have taken action to seclude themselves.
  • You can take pictures of private property while standing on public property.
  • You must abide by verbal or non-verbal requests to not take pictures of private property.
  • You do not have to answer questions regarding your identity or your intentions except in certain cases when asked by law enforcement officials.
  • You do not have to surrender a camera or film if another individual attempts to confiscate it. If that individual threatens you or forces you to surrender these items, they could be charged with theft.
  • Law enforcement officers need a court order before they can legally confiscate your film or camera.

Our Firm Can Protect Your Art in Northern New Jersey

In addition to understanding your rights as a photographer, it is also important to understand how to protect your creative work and your intellectual property on a legal level. That's what our dedicated and reputable Clifton trademark lawyer is committed to doing for you. At Manevitz Law Firm LLC, we understand the centrality of trademarks and copyrights to our clients' creative and commercial successes. We are driven to help you protect the brand that you have taken pains to build.

Questions about photography law, or about how to protect your rights as a photographer? Call Manevitz Law Firm LLC today to learn more, or schedule your first consultation. We are available to serve you in Clifton, Paterson, and Woodland Park, New Jersey.

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