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Fashion Law Advocate

Regain Control of Your Brand with Our Clifton Lawyer

The fashion industry is notoriously competitive and cutthroat. In such a tough industry, it is important that your creative ideas are protected, your business transactions operate smoothly, and your rights are enforced. Fashion law is an area of law that incorporates many diverse legal fields, including intellectual property, business law, international trade, government regulations, and consumer rights. This particular field of law specifically caters to the legal issues that arise during the course of a garment's life, from its conception to its branding.

Our firm can handle all of your fashion law-related business concerns, such as:

  • Fashion trademarks
  • Advertising and labeling regulations
  • Import contract disputes
  • Industry-specific employments
  • Licensing, merchandising, and franchising agreements
  • Consumer protection laws
  • International trade compliances
  • Complex litigations

Whether you are a designer, retailer, or manufacturer, you need an attorney who understands the fashion industry and its demands. Our lawyer, Ben Manevitz, has the distinct qualifications and background to assist in your fashion-related business goals. From hiring practices, imports, to supply operations, our firm can craft effective solutions to any of your issues.

Uniquely Equipped to Protect Your Rights in the Fashion World

While many attorneys are familiar with fashion law, few are equipped with the unique insider perspective that Ben Manevitz possesses. Growing up, Attorney Manevitz worked closely with his father and prominent fashion designer, Isaac Manevitz. Ben's parents owned and operated Ben-Amun, Co., Inc. for more than 30 years. Due to his experience in the world of fashion, Mr. Manevitz is able to offer nuanced and sophisticated representation in a realm most attorneys don't fully understand. You can trust that Attorney Manevitz is committed to protecting the intellectual and creative works of his clients in the fashion industry.

Protect Your Business with Our Firm

Licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey, our Clifton intellectual property attorney is equipped to advance and protect your fashion law interests. From protecting your creative product to handling complex legal business matters, Ben Manevitz of Manevitz Law Firm, LLC is the advocate you want in your corner.

Choose someone who understands your unique industry from the inside out. Call Manevitz Law Firm LLC today to schedule your case consultation . Let us work together to achieve your fashion business goals.

Client Testimonials

"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Manevitz is an extremely sharp and knowledgeable attorney in the Intellectual Property field. He is well respected among his peers and clients. I recommend him wholeheartedly without reservation!"
-Eric Pines
"Super awesome Internet-Trademark Infringement-Trademark Application-Copyright Infringement-Licensing-Lawyer he was amazing, totally helped me and went out of his way to make sure I win the case, and we won. Ben D. Manevitz was super helpful ,and smart. I highly recommend taking the time to go see his website or even ..."
-Former Client
"I recently concluded a patent infringement case being represented by Ben of Manevitz Law Firm. Prior to any action Ben had discussed the best course of action and his reasoning. Everything went according to plan at a very reasonable fee. I couldn't be more pleased with his execution and result. It was very apparent ..."
-Phil C.

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