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You work hard to create things that are unique to your skillset, creative thinking, and capabilities. When the ownership of your property comes into question, you will need to work with a Clifton intellectual property law attorney who knows how to assert your ownership rights!

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“Mr. Manevitz is an extremely sharp and knowledgeable attorney in the Intellectual Property field. He is well respected among his peers and clients. I recommend him wholeheartedly without reservation!”

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Our lawyer at Manevitz Law Firm has years of experience and a reputation for effective, committed advocacy. Ben Manevitz has dedicated his legal career to intellectual property matters, and as a result, he is able to provide the most nuanced and cutting-edge representation possible. He is uniquely equipped to answer any of your intellectual property-related questions and can provide the advocacy you deserve.

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Clifton Intellectual Property LawIntellectual property law is important because it protects your creative product, your inventiveness, your art, and most importantly, your brand. Without this protection, there would be little incentive for individuals to pursue innovation, progress, and growth in our society.

You have the right to shield the client base and reputation you have worked so hard to create. We are here to assist you by providing experienced legal protection and representation. Our services include both monitoring and enforcing intellectual property, and working with you to address them effectively. From litigation to negotiation, we can handle it all with precision and accuracy.

Our attorney handles a wide variety of intellectual property cases, including:

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Whether you are an individual, a large business or start-up, you deserve smart legal advocacy for your intellectual properties. Our Clifton domain dispute attorney can provide dedicated and informed advocacy for your innovative products. Our goal is to avoid litigation, but we are more than ready to offer aggressive, effective, and affordable representation on your behalf. If you have a question, or if you would like to speak with us about an intellectual property issue or domain dispute, get in touch with our office to set up a case evaluation.

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Client Testimonials

"I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Manevitz is an extremely sharp and knowledgeable attorney in the Intellectual Property field. He is well respected among his peers and clients. I recommend him wholeheartedly without reservation!"
-Eric Pines
"Super awesome Internet-Trademark Infringement-Trademark Application-Copyright Infringement-Licensing-Lawyer he was amazing, totally helped me and went out of his way to make sure I win the case, and we won. Ben D. Manevitz was super helpful ,and smart. I highly recommend taking the time to go see his website or even ..."
-Former Client
"I recently concluded a patent infringement case being represented by Ben of Manevitz Law Firm. Prior to any action Ben had discussed the best course of action and his reasoning. Everything went according to plan at a very reasonable fee. I couldn't be more pleased with his execution and result. It was very apparent ..."
-Phil C.

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